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Will What We Discuss Be Kept Private?

Generally, the content of discussions can be kept confidential in therapy but there are some important exceptions to this rule, namely if it involves your own safety of the safety of others. What will happen if the Clinical Psychologist is worried about you or others being safe, who they might share this concern with so you can be best supported and how they will keep you informed is very important to understand. Young people are also entitled to have a confidential space in therapy provided that they are not at any risk. Sometimes, the Psychologist will recommend sharing certain information with Partners, Parents, Teachers, GPs, Midwives, Health Visitors or Social Workers but this would usually be within your control and your decision.  The Psychologist as a rule likes to keep a GP informed of the work, but again if there are no risk concerns, this is the clients choice.

Confidentiality and privacy will be discussed with you in detail at your first appointment or can be discussed at your free 15 minute phone consultation.

Cheshire Psychological Therapy (CPT Assessment and Consultation Services Ltd) has a clear Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy which can be viewed below.