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Cheshire Psychological Therapy

What Happens At Your First Appointment?

In your first appointment the Psychologist will want to get to know you and will ask questions to help them understand what is happening to you and what has led to you seeking help. To do this they will typically listen carefully to what you are saying and ask questions about all aspects of your life, currently and historically. They may also ask you to fill out questionnaires which ask you about your feelings, relationships and ‘symptoms’ you are experiencing. Sometimes it is also useful to look through other documents that have been written by previous professionals who have been involved in your care, or to talk with close family or friends that you may wish to bring with you to the first appointment. At the end of this first appointment the Psychologist will start to make a plan with you about how best to support you, and this might involve recommending what therapeutic approach may be most helpful and to discussion about the likely length of treatment. Goals for treatment are likely to be discussed.